Some interesting links for things to do and see in the area.

The following link will show you all about the beautiful Vienne region, this website is in French.

All about the Vienne region

The following website is very good for finding out what is going on in and around the neighbouring department of the Charente, also in French.

All about the Charente region

The Charente Limousin Exchange is here to help ex-pats settle in to life in this part of France.

The Charente Limousin Website

For anyone seeking a dog for company please check this site out.

Dobermann's in Distress

For all you PetrolHeads out there, we recommend the following site where you can not only watch (most days for free) but actually take whatever you are in or on onto the track on certain days, again in French

Val deVienne Circuit website

For those of you whose French is petit ( little ) you may find this site useful.


For those of you interested in technology, a theme park with a difference, also a possible option for a rainy day (yes we do have them here) visit Futuroscope. Most of the 'rides' are inside, although there is still plenty of open-air things to do when the sun shines.

Futuroscope Website

For those of you looking for a rush of adrenalin ( and maybe more ) we recommend this site, only for the really adventurous types as it involves jumping off the viaduct in L'Isle Jourdain, this site is in French.

Oxygene Website